Speaker Date Topic
Kam Cox, U of IL Intercollegiate Athletics Aug 15, 2022
The NCAA NIL Program’s Impact on Athletes and Challenges for the U of Illinois.

Hear attorney Kam Cox of the Athletic Director's Office at the University of Illinois speak about the NIL (Name, Image, Likeness) Program in the NCAA, Big 10 and the university. He'll point out the challenges in having student athletes earn money doing commercials, selling tee shirts, and seeking endorsements. Sports Media Athletic Director Kent Brown will join him for the presentation and will help Kam update us on all things athletics at UIUC. 

Dave Tretter, Fed of IL Independent Colleges & Uni Aug 29, 2022

With Lincoln College and MacMurray closing, Illinois Benedictine leaving Springfield, and Lincoln Christian University downsizing; the health of private colleges is on our minds. Hear the President of the Federation of Illinois Independent Colleges, Dave Tretter, talk about higher education from Illinois 92 private colleges and universities point of view.