At our June 7, 2021 we welcomed new members, Megan Norman and Garrett Kinkelaar, to our club with an induction ceremony. Membership Chair Travis Magoulias, with assistance from President Dave Kromphardt and the mentors for the new members conducted the ceremony. You can see from the images (above and to the left) that the ceremony was celebratory and warm. Stacy Kelly is serving as Megan's mentor and presented her with her Rotary pin. Bob Stuart, mentor for Garrett, presented him with his pin (image on left). 
After club members welcomed these new members with a standing ovation, each was invited to speak a bit about themselves and was challenged to reveal their favorite genre of music.
Megan is the Community Relations Coordinator for Familia Dental and joined Rotary to serve the community. She said that music by the Dave Mathews Band is her favorite. Garrett Kinkelaar is an attorney with Brown, Hay &Stephens, LLP and he also joined Rotary to give back to the community. His favorite genre of music is Irish Punk Rock, and he loves the Buccaneers.
Regardless of their tastes in music, we are thrilled to have these two Rotarians in the Rotary Club of Springfield.