Posted by Dave Kromphardt
Last year at this time we were four months into social isolation and the only way we saw each other was when we had our weekly Webex. The solution? A socially distanced picnic at Tony and Jan Williams’ house (image to left). Bringing your own beverages and chairs, food provided by Maldaners and dished out by fellow Rotarians, DJ Travis Magoulias’ great sound system, a transition of club leadership, and a bit of foolishness mixed in. Good fun and friendship!
Guess what? It’s back -- and more! Mark your calendar for June 28, 2021!
Our world has opened up quite a bit, and Tony is cranking up his grill. We will have the food from Maldaners again (and Steve will be joining us as a club guest), and Tony is adding brats and burgers from a special source. And we welcome Barry to lead the club this coming year.
The cost is $15 per person or a meal ticket. RSVP to me at and please 1) don’t wait until the last minute to RSVP, and 2) don’t stay away because you didn’t RSVP. This is a celebration of a great Rotary Club and the launch of a new Rotary Year!