We thought you would enjoy seeing this letter that our May 10 speaker from StoveTeam International sent to Stacy Kelly, Club Services Director.
Hi Stacy,

Thank you so much for hosting our video presentation! Did you get any feedback from the club about the presentation?

I put together a few easy ways club members can stay connected: 
  • Anyone who didn't make it can learn more about StoveTeam with this video about our work: stoveteam.org/why-stoves
  • There are over a dozen ways to get involved, plus inspiring stories from the field at stoveteam.org/next-steps
  • Anyone who would like to write to us can reach us at: PO Box 14707, Portland, OR
StoveTeam is currently focusing on our Justa stove project in Guatemala. Our goal is to install 5,000 cookstoves into homes in the next 3 years. We are working on gathering club and district support to fund our efforts and would welcome any support from your club or advice on approaching your district. 

There is more information about the Justa project on our website at stoveteam.org/justa-stove and you can download a project description PDF here. If appropriate, I would be so appreciative if you could discuss this project with your club.
If you enjoyed it, please share the interactive video with other clubs who you think might be interested: https://video.mindstamp.io/watch/DSrtypWyPFIa
Thank you, Forest 
Forest Resener
Operations Director, StoveTeam International
541-554-4638, forest@stoveteam.org
Address: PO Box 14707, Portland, OR 97293
Website: www.stoveteam.org