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February 4, 2021 Newsletter

President Dave's Message
Our District Literacy Grant
Our Mini-pantry at Ridgely School (lead image for Newsletter) is getting a friend! Principal Ken Gilmore likes the idea of adding a mini-library next to the mini pantry. We are ready to start the process of putting one at Ridgely School, and several service volunteers are needed. The image to the left shows the mini-library that our club built and helped install on the IMagicNation Property. You can see how much work is needed. For some of you, this is a great way to do service while still sheltering in place by designing and constructing it. But it also will need a person or two to check out the site and buy the wood, nails and screws, and paint. And a person to install it when finished. Then it needs a person or two to manage the book supply as our mini-librarian.
The mini-library at Ridgely School will be the first new one we build, and our Literacy Grant provided enough funds for four mini-libraries. Does this sound like fun service to you? Please give me a call at 815-488-2787 or send me an email at We may also want to assemble a manual for design, construction, installation, and maintenance because this has the potential to be a District wide Rotary-Brand project that could build interest in Rotary elsewhere. 
Virtual 5K
We are also getting started on our virtual 5K project culminating in an event at Southwind Park on Saturday of Memorial Day weekend. Who has experience handling a virtual 5K? Perhaps none of us. Not a problem. In this case, runners will register, run independently, and submit their times. Prizes will be awarded, but this will be special because the invitation is to run in honor of someone else, in particular those on the front lines fighting the COVID-19 pandemic. The prizes will be gifts to be given to the runners that they could then give to the honoree. Barry Tobias has participated in a virtual bike race and knows of the software to operate it. Travis Magoulias has assisted with a virtual race in Decatur. But we are looking for extra service Rotarians to help with registration, tracking, and prize management, all shelter in place activities. Then, as we get to event day, we will award prizes that Saturday morning, allowing for limited crowds outdoors at Southwind Park. We will need about ten helpers, including Rotarians, students needing service hours, and other volunteers. Again, please phone or email me if you are interested in volunteering.
Change in Timing for Reserving Club Meeting Meals
Reservation times for meals has now been extended to 9:00 a.m. Monday mornings! Chef Mike will be getting our menu for Monday to us a little later on Thursdays, and so this newsletter will get to you a little later in the day on Thursday. But now you have the full weekend to decide whether to attend in person or participate from home with a curbside meal, or just attend in person or at home. Steve and John set up the meeting each Monday, so please also let me know if you are attending in-person but not having a meal. The reservation link is provided in the article below.
February 8 Board Meeting Reminder!
Don't forget that our monthly Board Meeting in will be on Monday, February 8 from 4:00-5:00 p.m.
Future Plans
Finally, thank you all for allowing me to share my plans for the remainder of my term. The main points came at the beginning and the end. It will be a sprint to the finish. The items above are just a part of what we will be doing. But the most important part is that this year is just a link in a long chain, and it is also important to support President Barry next year as part of the continuous chain. I am very grateful for all the support, advice, and encouragement you are giving me, something this club has a long tradition of doing. Thank you!
February 8, 2021 Meeting Link
When it's time, join your Webex meeting here.
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February 8, 2021 Meeting Menu
The menu for indoor dining at Maldaners Upstrairs and curbside pickup for the January 25, 2021 meeting is:
Pasta Bolgnese
Chef's Choice of Salad and Dessert
As noted in President Dave's message, you now have more time to decide if you want to dine at Maldaners or pick up curbside meals for our Club meetings. Please use the following link by Monday at 9:00 a.m. to make your reservations for the meal for indoor dining or curbside pickup click RESERVATION.  Contact Dave Kromphardt at only if you have a late change.
Please note that snow, possibly a substantial amount, is forecast for Monday, February 8. In cases of inclement weather, we will adjust meeting in person as we previously did when we had the ice storm. We will contact those who said they were planning to attend the in-person meeting and offer a chance to switch to curbside pick-up and will let everyone know if the meeting will be Webex only. People may switch to curbside or cancel entirely if they don’t feel comfortable about driving. 
For curbside users, please place your meal tickets or cash in an envelope with your name and “for Sheila Mack” on the outside of the envelope and give it to the Maldaners staff member that gives you your food. They will get the envelopes to Sheila Mack. Curbside pickup is between 4:45 and 5:15 p.m. To pick up food, turn into the alley behind the building and pick up the food at the back door. It's easy to pick up your food and the meals are delicious.
International Projects
The Downtown Rotary Club is now working on two international projects. The first is our commitment to a $35,000 project in Nepal to provide Chorkate Village with a Drinking Water Supply in conjunction with the Rotary club of Gorka in Nepal. Our Club is the international partner. Gorkha is a Hill District in Nepal. The literacy rate of Gorkha is 66.3%. The female literacy rate is 59.4% and the male literacy rate is 75.1%. K.B. Chettry of Nepal previously spoke to our club about this project (image to left).
The project seeks to support around 600 poor and marginal residents of Chorkate Village where ongoing scarcity of drinking water is an acute problem. With no water sources available, the village residents have to walk downhill for about an hour and climb uphill with the load of water, which takes double the time. The village was also badly devasted by the 2015 earthquake (7.8 Magnitude) in Nepal.
A perennial, natural spring water source has been identified at the bottom of the hill. The water from the source needs to be pumped to a concrete storage tank with a 2000 liter capacity. The storage tank will be built on top of a flattened hill. The location and height of the storage tank will provide sufficient pressure for a gravity fed system to distribute water to community households via ¾ inch heavy duty plastic pipes.
The project will provide:
  • Equitable community access to safe drinking water, improved sanitation and hygiene.
  • Strengthen the ability of the community to develop, fund and maintain sustainable water and sanitation systems.
  • Enhance community awareness towards the benefits of safe water and sanitation.
  • Strengthen the ability of communities to develop, fund, and maintain sustainable water and sanitation systems.
The club has committed $1,000 to this $35,000 project – to date we have raised approximately $8,000. Our hope is that we will be able to secure approval for obtaining funds from the District 6460 DDF, bringing us to a total of $17,500 and apply for a global grant where The Rotary Foundation will double the monies and bring us to the $35,000.
The second project is supplying 35 computers to three mid-level schools in Progreso, Yucatan, Mexico through a “Zone” level program called Heart to Heart. This Computers for Progress project is one of 100 projects in Zones 30-31 that Rotarians are trying to complete in honor of 100 years of Rotary in Mexico. The project being actively promoted throughout the District to encourage more clubs to participate. The five Rotary Clubs in Springfield committed $3,000 towards the $10,000 project cost and challenged the rest of the clubs in the District to join us in support. This challenge was relayed through District Governor Maura Donnelly prior to the District Conference. Several other clubs are now considering the amount of their contributions. The image to the right shows students from Carlos-Marx School in Progreso and was provided by Rotarian Stephen Hopper. Stephen has spoken to our club about Heart to Heart projects for the April 21 Centennial of Rotary in Mexico.
Still Time to Donate Books for Valentines Day
Remember to donate books to the IMagicNation Little Libraries for Valentines Day. You can deliver books directly to their Little Libraries at 16th and Spruce Streets (show in the image with Dave's message) or at Adams between 13th and 14th Streets. You can also drop off books at Maldaners Upstairs before our Club meeting on February 8, and we will deliver them for you in time to make Valentines Day special for a child. Help us stimulate the lifelong gift of a love of reading. 
Encourage Membership in Rotary
Do you know or are you someone who has a passion to give back to your community? As a Rotarian, you adhere to the principles of the 4-way Test., which are:
  • Is it the Truth? 
  • Is it Fair to all concerned? 
  • Will it build Good Will and Better Friendships?  
  • Will it be Beneficial to all concerned?  
If you find value in these ideals and want to be part of a great organization, right click on the attached link to open our Membership Application in a new window. You can also download a copy of the Membership Application from our Club's website Home Page ( You can send the completed application to the Membership Committee at We look forward to hearing from you! 

Downtown Rotary Membership Committee
Thank you. 

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