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January 3, 2022 Newsletter

It’s not the destination, it’s the journey.
May you enjoy each day of your adventure.
Happy New Year! 
New Years image and quotation for Rotary District 5010

We hope to see you in person at Maldaners Upstairs or virtually via Webex at our January 3 meeting. We will start 2022 with an important Club Assembly on Peacebuilders. Please join us to learn more about this transformational initiative.

President Barry's Message
Bags of Hope for the Homeless
The items collected by four Springfield Rotary clubs for the homeless were distributed to people in need on December 19 along with a cold pack meal. Thank you to the volunteers who helped distribute the items and serve the meal to the homeless on the December 19. The image below shows the Rotarians who brought food and Bags of Hope to the warming center on December 19. From left to right are Bill Kempiners (our club), Tate Hartman (Assistant Governor, Springfield South), Sheila Dean (Caterer), Passion Hood (RYLA student), Bob Tepatti and Eileen Tepatti (Springfield South), and Megan Norman (our club). Sheila Dean is Passion's grandmother, and she catered the food for the meal. Passion Hood was one of the Rotary Youth Leadership Award (RYLA) 2021 students who developed the Bags of Hope concept and helped us pack bags at our December 6 packing event. 
Holiday Party
Our Holiday party returned after 2 years and was a tremendous success. We gathered and celebrated at Christ the King Church Parrish Center. As always, it was a very festive event. We had great food and excellent music by Pianist Cory Brown (image to left). 
Wendell and Loretta Meeks should have received an award for the most festive clothing (image to right).
Randy Erford's presentations for the Erfordian Honoraria had us in stitches (image to left). The smiling faces relay the joy we felt in coming together  for the dinner and fellowship (image below). For more information checkout the story on Holiday Party Happenings in this Newsletter.

We voted in a great line-up of leaders that our President-Elect Randy Erford put together for the 2022-2023 Rotary Year (see article below on the election). We thank the Fellowship Committee, including chair Rod Buffington and members Sheila Mack and Loretta Meeks for organizing such a wonderful event.
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January 3, 2022 Meal Reservation
Now that we are back to full capacity, we will no longer announce the menu for dining at Maldaners Upstairs or for curbside pickup. The meal will be Chef's Choice as it was prior to the pandemic.
Please make reservations for in-person meals so we can estimate our seating and food needs and for curbside meals so Maldaners knows you are coming. The deadline for reserving dinner for the January 3 meeting is Saturday, January 1 at noon. Meals are $15 each. Please use the following link to make your reservations for the meal for indoor dining or curbside pickup by clicking: 
For curbside users, please place your meal tickets or cash in an envelope with your name and “for Sheila Mack” on the outside of the envelope and give it to the Maldaners staff member that gives you your food. They will get the envelopes to Sheila Mack. Curbside pickup is between 4:45 and 5:15 p.m. To pick up food, turn into the alley behind the building and pick up the food at the back door. It's easy to pick up your food an the food is delicious!
January 3 Club Assembly on Peacebuilders
As stated by Rotary International:
Rotary creates environments of peace.
As a humanitarian organization, peace is a cornerstone of our mission. We believe when people work to create peace in their communities, that change can have a global effect.
By carrying out service projects and supporting peace fellowships and scholarships, our members take action to address the underlying causes of conflict, including poverty, discrimination, ethnic tension, lack of access to education, and unequal distribution of resources.
The Rotary Club of Springfield’s Ad hoc Peacebuilders Committee was formed 18 months ago to explore ways that our club may further improve civility and peace in our community through service.
The January 3, 2022 Club Assembly will provide members with the Committee's report including the committee’s specific objectives, research findings, and recommendations for 2022 and beyond that will hopefully help to address underlying causes that inhibit a fairer and more just community. We will also consider the Club’s application to be an official Rotary Action Group for Peace and why this will be useful. 
Joining us for this assembly will be Barbara Jones and Timothy Bartlett from the Rotary Club of Urbana, an officially designated Rotary Action Group for Peace club. 
Please join us in person at Maldaners or virtually via Webex using the link provided in this Newsletter. Click on  Peacebuilders  to view a copy of the PowerPoint for this presentation.
Holiday Party Happenings
As noted by President Barry, we had a great time at our 2021 Holiday Party at the Christ the King Parish Center. Pianist Cory Brown (image below) provided great entertainment with a wide selection of holiday songs, including a rousing rendition of "Let There Be Peace on Earth" (last image below). Chef Randy Williams provided an excellent meal with delicious desserts. It was wonderful to safely gather with fellow Rotarians and their significant others.
When President Barry invited Randy Erford to the podium to present the Erfordian Honorariums, we were ready for a good laugh. Bob Stuart provided Randy with his special BMW jacket adorned with the traditional epaulettes that he wore when he served as Sergeant at Arms (image below). Randy presented nine awards:
(1) Best Moniker (500 Miles) to Barry Tobias (for his bicycle ride for Gold Star Mission),
(2) Most Tolerant Auxiliary Rotarian to Rosemary Buffington (for obvious reasons, see image in Barry's message),
(3) 2021 Rooky Rotarian to Jasmine Gibson (for all her efforts for our club, see image below),
(4) Most Risk Averse Snowbird to Ross Hodel (for obvious reasons),
(5) Most Tenacious Rotarian to Nicole Kinkelaar (for her efforts to outbid her own husband to acquire a Rotary holiday hat--image to right),
(6) Most Surprising Rotarian to Harry Michell (for his performance as the auctioneer to auction off said holiday hat to support club scholarships),
(7) Best Automotive Acquisition to Dave Fowler (for a BMW convertible),
(8) Most Eloquent BMW to Bob Stuart (for a hardtop BMW convertible), and
(9) Most BMWs to himself (for obvious reasons).
Here are a few images from our gathering. A larger selection of 2021 Holiday Party is already being served on our Facebook page and will be served in the Photo Gallery on our website soon. 
2022-2023 Officers and Directors Elected
At the 2021 Holiday Party, club members elected the new slate of officers for the 2022-2023 Rotary Year. These individuals will take office or retain their current offices in July 2022.
The newly elected officers for the 2022-2023 Rotary Year are shown in the image above (from left to right).
President—Randy Erford
Vice President—Travis Magolias
Secretary—Loretta Meeks
Treasurer—Sheila Mack
Past President—Barry Tobias (not pictured here)

Club Directors
The Newly Elected Directors are shown in the image above (from left to right)
Club Service—Ross Hodel
Community Service—Megan Norman and Garrett Kinkelaar (not pictured here)
International Service—Robert Stuart
Youth Service—David Fowler
Membership Service—Anthony Williams (not pictured here)
Directors at Large—William Kempiners
                                  David Kromphardt
                                  Marty Michelson
                                  Vicki Megginson
Sergeant at Arms—Jasmine Gibson        
Congratulations to all.
2022 Martin Luther King Jr. Breakfast
Robert Moore has notified us that Frontiers International plans to hold the Martin Luther King Jr. Breakfast in person this year. Mark your calendar now and plan to attend the breakfast on Monday, January 17, 2022 at 8:30 a.m. It will be held in the Wyndham Springfield City Center at 700 E. Adams. Please participate in this important community event. We are hoping to have enough participants from our Club to reserve at least two tables. Please let us know if you are planning to buy a ticket so we can get a count for our tables.
According to the Frontiers International website, Dr. Charles Person has been scheduled to speak. Dr. Person was the youngest of the original 13 Freedom Riders sponsored by the Congress of Racial Equality (CORE). He was on the Trailways bus attacked in Anniston and Birmingham. His interesting and inspirational biography is presented on the Frontiers International website.
Stay tuned for more information on this event. 
Wrapping Up the Citrus Campaign
Now that the Citrus Campaign is over, there is still work to be done.  It is important that each person who sold citrus collect their money and turn it in.  I know the Holidays are a busy time, but try to complete collections as soon as possible.  I need your money to pay for the citrus. You can bring your collections to me.  Call me at 217-303-9896 to make arrangements.
There are lots of people who contributed to a successful campaign.  I’ll start with Doug Williams who serves as the treasurer for the campaign.  He was instrumental in helping me get an accurate count that was used to place the citrus order.  He also does the follow-up for collections from members’ sales.  
I had lots of warehouse help. Thanks to the following Rotarians: Nate Clemmer, Randy Erford, Ross Hodel, Bill Kempiners, Travis Magoulias, Bonnie Styles, Jim Theis, Doug Williams and Tony Williams. 
Marty Michelson, as chair of the Citrus Committee, and members of the committee provided leadership in planning for the campaign.  Marty goes even farther when he provides an employee of the Rutledge Foundation to work a four-hour shift at the warehouse.  His employee, Jim Goldsberry, provides great help and has been doing so for several years at the warehouse.
Thanks to everyone for your support of this important fundraiser.
Bill Smith
Citrus Warehouse Manager     
Kentucky Tornadoes Disaster Relief
Our Rotary club and other Rotary clubs are assisting with disaster relief for the tornadoes in Kentucky. Ameren is donating almost 100 pallets of hand sanitizer, wipes, and antiseptic cleaner for Kentucky.  We made two trips with our Computer Banc truck to pick up the supplies from Ameren in Decatur and brought them to our warehouse (image to left). There were 50 pallets of donated supplies at the Computer Banc warehouse as of December 21 (image below).
On December 16, the Rotary Club of Edwardsville organized a small shipment for delivery to western Kentucky. Computer Banc delivered six pallets of Ameren donations for this trip. The image below shows me and Tina Denman from the Rotary Club of Edwardsville.
The Ameren Dorsett facility in St. Louis has about the same number of pallets (50+) to donate. The Midwest Mission Distribution Center in Pawnee Illinois will assist us by picking up this donation after the holidays and has also committed a semi-trailer truck to assist in this effort.
The Computer Banc office was closed from December 23 and will remain closed until January 3. However, should any of our Kentucky contacts request product during that period, the Computer Banc staff will be available to open the building for a pickup. The staff will also be available to assist with the forklift if needed.
Donations stored at Computer Banc in Springfield will go to organizations in Kentucky when they are ready to take deliveries from Rotary officials on the ground. The tornadoes caused so much destruction that few buildings were available for storage of donated items in the impacted areas. 
Special thanks are due to Ameren for making these donations and to Rotarians in Illinois and Kentucky for storing and delivering the supplies when local organizations are ready to receive them.
2022 Volunteer Opportunities
Ridgely School Micropantry
Volunteers are needed to monitor and stock the pantry for the last two weeks in February and for March. The image on the left shows the micropantry at Ridgely School. Thanks to Bonnie Styles for monitoring and stocking the Ridgely School micro-pantry during the first two weeks in January. 
Little Libraries
There will also be opportunities to assist with our Little Libraries by sorting and stocking books. The image below shows the Little Library at Ridgely Elementary School. Details will follow soon from Nicole Kinkelaar.
Thanks to all of you who volunteered for our numerous service projects this year. 
Contact Vicki at if you wish to:
Help stock the Ridgely School Micropantry and Nicole Kinkelaar if you are interested in helping with the Little Libraries
Suggestions for Pantries from People Who Use Pantries
We are repeating a list of suggestions of foods and other items to stock in the Ridgely Food Pantry. These suggestions came from people who use food pantries to help feed their families. 
1. Everyone donates Kraft Mac and Cheese in the box. They can rarely use it because it needs milk and butter, which is difficult to get from regular food banks.
2. Boxed milk is a treasure, as kids need it for cereal, which they also get a lot of.
3. Everyone donates pasta sauce and spaghetti noodles.
4. They cannot eat all the awesome canned veggies and soup unless you put a can opener in too or buy pop tops.*
5. Oil is a luxury and needed for Rice a-Roni, which they also get a lot of.
6. Spices or salt and pepper would be a real Holiday gift.
7. Tea bags and coffee make them feel like you care.
8. Sugar and flour are treats.
9. They fawn over fresh produce donated by farmers and grocery stores.
10. Seeds are cool in Spring and Summer because growing can be easy for some.
11. They rarely get fresh meat.
12. Tuna and crackers make a good lunch.
13. Hamburger Helper goes nowhere without ground beef.
14. They get lots of peanut butter and jelly but usually not sandwich bread.
15. Butter or margarine is nice too.
16. Eggs are a real commodity.
17. Cake mix and frosting makes it possible to make a child’s birthday cake.
18. Dishwashing detergent is very expensive and is always appreciated.
19. Feminine hygiene products are a luxury and women will cry over that.
20. Everyone loves Stove Top Stuffing.
* At our November 29 club meeting, Ross Hodel reported that he followed this advice and stocked numerous can openers in the Ridgely Pantry. He noted that they were quickly snapped up.
Encourage Membership in Rotary
Do you know or are you someone who has a passion to give back to your community? The Rotarians in this image are helping pack essential items for the Illinois Police Department to give to homeless individuals in our community. As a Rotarian, you adhere to the principles of the 4-way Test., which are:
  • Is it the Truth? 
  • Is it Fair to all concerned? 
  • Will it build Good Will and Better Friendships?  
  • Will it be Beneficial to all concerned?  
If you find value in these ideals and want to be part of a great organization, right click on the attached link to open our Membership Application in a new window. You can also download a copy of the Membership Application from our Club's website Home Page ( in the Download Files section. You can send the completed application to the Membership Committee at We look forward to hearing from you! 

Downtown Rotary Membership Committee
Thank you. 

Record Your Service Hours and Contributions
Please remember to report your service hours and related contributions. Just follow this link:
Please email images of service activities to Bonnie Styles at It's easy to take pictures if you have a smartphone, but even an old style camera works just fine. Send me an email ( to let me know when you will be volunteering for a service project, and I will come out and take some images. The image below shows David Fowler with supplies Rotarians are storing and delivering to local organizations in Kentucky following the devastating tornadoes there.    
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