The University of Illinois Springfield (UIS) notified our club they have selected James Biggers (image above) as the recipient of our annual Francis Wenzel scholarship. Our club supports annual scholarships to UIS and Lincoln Land Community College. This year's scholarships are for $1500 each. Our club funds these scholarships primarily through club contributions to brag-a-bucks and the 50-50 drawings. Our club’s support for the UIS scholarship was acknowledged at the November 2 UIS Scholarship Luncheon at the Student Union. Vicki Megginson represented us at that event, but James was unable to attend because he is doing his semester-long student observations in Florida.
James is working towards his bachelor’s degree in Middle Grades Education, with a minor in secondary education and a concentration in the math content area. After he graduates from UIS in 2023, he plans to teach math at the high school level, but will be qualified to teach grades from 5-12. He has already used his coursework at UIS to substitute teach in local schools, including Lanphier High School. He plans to use his degree to teach in an area stricken by poverty and suffering from a shortage of educational resources.
In his thank you letter, he noted that “As a motivated student and educator, I plan to put your scholarship to exemplary use. I am so incredibly appreciative of your donation. It is valued more than words can express.”