The Virtual Championship Game is on May 18!

Since April 20, our online club meetings have included updates on club business and activities, and have also featured our Rotary's Ultimate Food Fight (RUFF) virtual tournament and fundraiser. The rules for RUFF resemble the March Madness single elimination tournament. Club members are the owners of their teams to the end of the line! Prize winners will be the Final Four─plus a random drawing winner for each round. You are in for fun through the whole tournament. 
Each game is determined by a coin toss with the first team listed being Heads and the second Tails. The winner of each toss moves on to the next round if they buy in, otherwise the loser gets the chance. The top seeded loser in each bracket gets first chance if both pass. All 64 teams named for foods we craved during the pandemic were sold. Team owners enhanced the names of their teams, and owners, names and brackets were announced on April 20, and owners had a chance to describe their team's unique threats to the other teams. 
The first 32 game winners were determined on Monday, April 27 during a thrilling Round 1 broadcast live through Webex. You may notice that our carrot logo representing the high-ranked 24 Carrot Magic (Carrots) is already gone. The team suffered a shocking defeat to Bill Sturm's Bushes Bombers (Black Beans). Tomato-based teams did exceeding well in Round 1, with Appealing Toms (Peeled Tomatoes), Square-To-My Toes (Diced Tomatoes), and Bloodyvodkats (Tomato Juice) all moving to Round 2. Hence the change in our logo! Round 2 was be held on Monday, May 4, and resulted in the selection of the "Sweet 16" teams. Only one tomato-based team (Vicki Megginson's Square-to-My-Toes Diced Tomatoes) survived Round 2. Rounds 3-5 will occurred on May 11, and the championship game between Vicki's Square-to-My-Toes Diced Tomatoes and Marty Michelson's Wired Coffee occurs on May 18.  
The total prize money will remain the same at $400. First place will win $125, Second $75, and third and fourth will each win $50. A special feature is that a drawing will be made of all the teams that lost each successive round. The drawing winner of the first through fourth rounds will each win $25. 
The main point is to raise money and the next is to have fun! Our goal is to raise $1,400 for our communities. This special 2020 virtual tournament raises money for the Community Foundation for the Land of Lincoln and United Way of Central Illinois COVID-19 Response Fund to support organizations that serve individuals and families affected by the coronavirus outbreak and for Titan Fuel in Chatham to help feed hungry elementary students. The fun will come from our group video chaos. Invite your friends to join in our club meeting and watch the RUFF tournament. 

Don't miss the final game on May 18. Our virtual club meeting begins at 5:30 p.m. (see story above). Members should invite friends to join our meeting. Members and non-members are welcome to watch the game live via Webex. Here's how to join in the fun:
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