Induction of a Record Number of New Members! 

Please join us at Maldaners Upstairs for a very special evening. The highlight will be the installation of nine new members.  Among this group we will welcome both the first official members of the new Chatham Satellite Club and several members who will be joining as part of our Club that meets on Monday nights.  Be there to provide a warm welcome to these new Rotarians and to help our Chatham Satellite get off to a great start. The Satellite Club is an important new part of our Rotary Club. They are members of our Club but will meet on Tuesdays at noon in Chatham. On January 14, we inducted Doug Rawe into the Rotary Club of Springfield (above image), and we will be welcoming many more new members on March 11 and over the coming months. We are making great progress on our strategic goal to increase membership in Rotary. Visitors are always welcome to join us for our meetings and may enjoy a fine buffet dinner at our Monday night meetings for only $12.00.