Show your support for our adopted school!

A new school year will soon be starting so it is time for Springfield Rotarians to participate in our annual drive to provide school supplies for students at Ridgely Elementary School. Our Club designated Ridgely as our adopted school in 1991, and since that time we have been providing school supplies, grants for special projects (such as the 2019 literacy project pictured above), and tutoring in reading and math. 
The procedure is simple, and school supply sales are underway now. The next time you are out shopping, purchase some school supplies, such as erasers, pencils, crayons, pens, children’s scissors, folders, back packs, etc., for students at Ridgely. We have attached a copy of the 2019-2020 Ridgely School Supplies list in the downloadable documents section of our website. This document lists the supplies needed by students by grade level. Buying all of the items for a single student will show you how much parents have to provide for each of their school age children. However, provision of any of the items on the list is greatly appreciated by the students and teachers. You may want to print the list and leave it in your car for your next shopping trip.
Bring the items you purchase to upcoming Club meetings. An area will be designated for depositing supplies. Club Volunteers will collect the school supplies and deliver them to Ridgely. 
Starting school is difficult for some children, especially if they don't have the required supplies. Help us make sure that every student at Ridgely has the supplies they need for their education. Thanks for your support.