The Heart 2 Heart Program

Please join us in Maldanders Upstairs at 5:30 p.m. to learn more about the Heart 2 Heart Program and Rotary humanitarian efforts and opportunities in central Mexico, including Mexico City and surrounding rural communities.  Since 2016, Past District Governor Steve Hopper has been a member of the Heart 2 Heart Advisory Committee.  The Heart 2 Heart Program is a cooperative effort between Rotarians primarily in the "Heart of America" (Zones 30 and 31) and in the "Heart of Mexico" (Districts 4170 and 4140) and The Rotary Foundation to provide humanitarian service, primarily through matching grant projects. The first cooperative effort was in fall 2004, when all the 2005-06 District Governors in both U.S. zones agreed to support a water well project in a rural town in Mexico District 4170. Since that time, Rotarians have developed three signature projects: water tank systems for grade schools, the Holtz-Beacon Kidney Transplant Program, and the Vicki Blade Pacemaker Program. Visitors are welcome to join us and may enjoy a fine buffet dinner for $12.00.