Before our official installation ceremony, Barry Tobias presented Randy Erford with an official Rotary baseball hat (image above). The hat is emblazoned with the new Rotary International Theme logo (Imagine Rotary). The new logo is shown to the left.
We were honored to have the outgoing  District Governor Ryan Byers and his wife Amy and the new District Governor Bill Durall at our installation event (image to  right). 
The following dignitaries assisted with the installation ceremony: Past RI Director and Past District Governor (PDG) Bob Stuart, PDG Rod Buffington, District Governor-Nominee Neal Miller, Past Assistant District Governor Harry Mitchell, and District Treasurer and our Foundation Treasurer Bill Smith (image below). All spoke during the ceremony. In the image below, Neal Miller is asking if Randy pledges to fulfill the duties of president, lead the club following the highest principles of Rotary, and conduct the service business of the club following the bylaws of the club and Rotary International, and Randy pledged to do so. 
Rod presented Randy with his President's pin (image on left),  and Bob Stuart presented him with his President's badge (image below)
Then the other officers, who are continuing in their roles, Secretary Loretta Meeks and Treasurer Sheila Mack were officially installed and pledged to perform the duties of their offices (image on right). Finally the the whole Board was called forward to be installed and pledge to fulfill their duties following the highest principles and the Constitution and Bylaws of the Club and Rotary International (image below). From left to right, the new leadership team includes Youth Services Director Dave Fowler, Club Service Director Ross Hodel, Community Service Director Megan Norman, President Randy Erford, International Service Director Bob Stuart, Foundation Treasurer Bill Smith (not on Board), Membership Service Director Tony Williams, and Board Member at large Vicki Megginson. Board members not included in the picture are Board Members at Large Bill Kempiners and Marty Michelson, and Sergeant at Arms Kirk Kellus.
Finally, Bob Stuart asked Club Members to pledge to support Randy and all the officers and Board members to achieve the goals of the club and Rotary International during the coming year. We enthusiastically responded in the affirmative with a sounding round of applause. Bob announced that the President, Officers, and Directors were officially installed for the 2022-2023 year.
Randy then presented some of his plans for the coming year with major goals to increase membership, enhance support for the Springfield community, and have fun (image above).
Barry then presented Randy with a helmet that will help him fulfill these goals (image on left).
In appreciation of Barry's service, Rod Buffington presented him with a print of his quilt painting of the 2021-2022 Rotary Theme logo: Serve to Change Lives, and then Randy again thanked Barry for his service and accomplishments  (lead image for Newsletter and image below). Barry received a Club President's Plaque, a president's Rotary pin, and a past president's badge to recognize the important role that he played.
Special thanks are do to Tony for hosting us at his home. There are many wonderful images from the event, and we will put together a photo gallery for the website.