Posted by Bill Smith
Thanks to everyone who participated in the first round of the NCAA Basketball Tournament. On March 14, Bill Sturm and I drew teams for each person who participated in this event. On March 15, I sent everyone an attachment of the summary of teams in the tournament and who is assigned to each team via ClubRunner email. The teams highlighted in yellow in the attachment represent the four play-in games where the winner will qualify to play in the tournament. When we drew for each participant, we did not count drawing a play-in game against the selection of your teams. 

A quick overview to show who got the top teams based on the drawing is as follows:

Alabama ─   Bruce Storm
Houston ─ Sheila Mack
Kansas ─  Jim Theis
Purdue  ─  Tony Williams
Each entry on your behalf cost $15.00 and entitled you to two teams. You can make your payment for your teams now, or you can wait to see if you will have further participation in this event.

Thanks again for all who participated since we use the profits from this event to help eliminate polio.
Bill Smith