Posted by Bill Smith
This year we were able continue the men’s NCAA Basketball Tournament fundraiser. This fundraiser has been used for many years to support Rotary’s international effort to eliminate polio. This year $896.00 was raised for Rotary’s PolioPlus program. Normally, we would raise $800.00, but this year several members donated a combined total of $96.00 of their winnings.

The first round of the tournament consisted of 68 teams. Members who participated were assigned a team that was drawn out of a hat on their behalf. The first-place prize of $75.00 went to Naomi Lynn who had Baylor. Because there were so many teams in the first round, a second-place prize of $40.00 went to Loretta Meeks who had Gonzaga.

The second round consisted of 16 teams. In order to get a broader participation, the pool for the second round consisted of doubling the 16 teams for a total of 32 possibilities. The two first-place prizes of $50.00 each went to Jim Applegate and David Fowler.

The third round consisted of four teams. Four club members each formed a team of club members to raise the $100.00 entry fee for this round. The entry fees totaled $400.00 and were split 50/50. Vicki Megginson’s team won this round.

One final note. The $896.00 that will be donated to PolioPlus will be matched by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation on a two for one basis, resulting in $2,688.00 being used to help eradicate polio!
Thanks to all who helped make this fundraiser a success!