Posted by John Loftus
The Rotary Flag Service Project has been making our community red, white, and blue since 2016.  We will begin deploying flags for the 2021 season to have them in place before Memorial Day (May 31). We leave the flags out from Memorial Day until after July 4. Then our volunteer teams retrieve the flags and return them to our warehouse. On Monday Aug. 30, a week before Labor Day, we deploy the flags again, retrieving them after September 11. 
Rotary’s motto is Service Above Self and the Rotary Club of Springfield will be continuing the deployment of flags to honor those who have served in the military and all the people working very hard to care for our health and well-being from nurses, doctors and everyone that supports the medical profession including first responders to stock personnel, cashiers and all the others that work in stores that supply our basic needs to truck drivers, people operating truck and fuel stops and mechanics that keep the trucks operating to people working in restaurants so we have a choice of what we eat during the Covid-19 pandemic. All these people are heroes and are living Rotary’s motto every day putting their service first. 
If you don't already subscribe to this service, we hope that you will consider doing so. For those of you who subscribe to this service and have already paid the $60 annual fee for 2021, we thank you. For those of you that have not yet paid, we would appreciate your contribution as soon as you are able so we can  provide grants to community organizations that help people in need. Payments for subscriptions should be sent to The Springfield Rotary Foundation, PO BOX 615, Springfield, IL 62705.
Should you need to reach us, please email or leave a message at 217-566-4326. 
Thank you for your support and stay safe!!

John Loftus
Rotary Flag Services