Campaign Donates 20,000 Oranges to Foodbank and Supports Grants

Despite the pandemic, our annual citrus sale saw sales comparable to last year! As was the case last year, the oranges and grapefuit are excellent. The citrus cost a little less than last year, and we had increased cash donations. We anticipate that our profit will exceed $10,000. All five Rotary Clubs in Springfield participated in the Citrus Campaign this year.
Our Citrus Campaign's donation to the Central Illinois Foodbank continued to be a success. This year, Sunrise, Midtown, and our Club donated 150 large cartons of oranges to the Foodbank. This is an increase from last year's donation of 108 cartons. As requested by Foodbank, these cartons have smaller oranges than we sell to customers to provide a broader distribution of the oranges. This year's donation provided about 20,000 oranges for the Foodbank. They will distribute these oranges to food pantries, soup kitchens, and other such venues throughout the 21 counties that they serve. Warehouse Manager Bill Smith oversaw the transfer of the three pallets of oranges to the Foodbank (image above). Bill also donated a large carton of fruit to Ridgely School for staff members who are working at the school during the pandemic.
The proceeds from the purchase of the oranges and grapefruit by our members and customers, including those donated to the Foodbank, will support Rotary community grants that help combat hunger, promote literacy, and meet other needs in our local and global community. We thank all the Rotarians who participated in the campaign and all of our customers.