Apr 29, 2019 5:30 PM
Dr. Clarice Ford
Club Assembly: Future Direction of Our Club

President Dave Fowler and President Elect Vicki Megginson have asked member Clarice Ford to lead a discussion of how we view the current situation in our club and how we can make it stronger for the future.  April 29 will be an evening devoted to our Club brainstorming what kind of community service projects we wish to do during the coming year and beyond. We will identify the criteria that will help us determine which, of many opportunities, will be most fulfilling and will match our service priorities.  We will also begin a list of specific project opportunities from which we can select. To help us, our UIS Rotaract group  will help with the evening activities as well as celebrate the end of the school year with our club.  

This will be an important evening dealing with club plans and operations.  Please plan on attending this important meeting so you can participate.