Posted by Dr. Bonnie Styles
Our second flag deployment for this year's Flag Service Project got underway on August 28. Flags were installed by September 1 so they were in place for Labor Day weekend and Labor Day (September 4). These flags will remain in place for the commemoration of Patriot's Day on September 11 and then will be picked up and taken back to our storage warehouse (starting on September 12). Thanks to all the volunteers who installed flags for this second round, including Ross Hodel and John Webb who provided the images (above and on the left). As is their tradition, they celebrated the completion of installation of flags for their flag route with ice cream (image below). Participation in this project is fun and rewarding. It is not unusual for home owners to come out and thank you for installing their flag! Let John Loftus know if you would like to help! See Volunteer opportunities for more information.
There are many tasks that need to be done to make the flag project a success. Bill Sturm provided the image on the right showing flag service volunteers Tony Williams, Barry Tobias, and Alec Tobias proudly standing with the new shelving they assembled for the flag warehouse to replace the plastic shelving that collapsed in the heat. Bill thanked Alec for supervising his dad Barry and Tony.