Posted by Travis Magoulias
November 20 and 27 Club Meetings 
These two club meetings at Maldaners Upstairs featured great speakers. On November 20, we heard from Laura Davis and John James about programs at Helping Hands and The Outlet and their interactions with our Rotary Club (see image below).
On November 27, Sheila Walk gave an interactive presentation on the programs and services of the Springfield Area Arts Council. Thanks to John Webb for capturing the image below of club members reciting poetry.
For more information, see Club Service Director John Webb's stories on these presentations below. 
December 4 Club Meeting at Lincoln Land Community College
We will have a special program on December 4. Rotarian Eric Dolbeare (lead image for this Newsletter) will provide an update on the Zambian Corn Project. This meeting will be in the Kreher Agriculture Center at Lincoln Land Community College. Details are provided in Upcoming Programs and Events. I provided an Airtable for reservations for this dinner, and the deadline to sign up was November 27. I hope you signed up for this event! We also invited the other Springfield Rotary Clubs to participate in this event. The cost for the catered meal is $19 per person.
Holiday Party will be on Tuesday, December 12
We will have a wonderful holiday gathering and meal at Christ the King Church Hall on Tuesday, December 12. Chef Randy will provide another great meal. We are tracking down alternative musical entertainment for the evening. Please remember that we are not meeting at Maldaners Upstairs on Monday, December 11.
I created a registration page in Airtable for the Holiday Party as well. The timing on this isn't as pressing as there is not a hard cap on the number of attendees that can attend. However, please click on the link and register as soon as possible so we can start communicating with Randy, regarding the number of attendees. This event will run about $40 per person. Click on the link, enter the date (11/12/23), enter your name, enter the number of attendees and the number of vegetation meals desired and you are all set.  Here is the link:
See Upcoming Programs and Events for details on these events. If you have any questions, please let me know.